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Writing Tips For Large Projects

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Practicing law comes with many writing projects. Emails, internal memos, motions, oppositions and the like. And then there are “briefs.” One of the more ridiculous ways to describe the writing projects of the longest and most complex type, the word “brief” belies the undertaking it requires to create one. Briefs require, in fact, the most rigorous attention and devotion if they are to turn out right. But, to make the process more palatable, there are a number of things you ...

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Mentoring An Associate

Posted by: Michael Bogdanow, Managing Partner

In the nearly ten years that I’ve been managing Meehan, Boyle, Black & Bogdanow, P.C., one of the most important aspects has been mentoring – both my own mentoring of associates, and my ensuring that non-attorney staff members receive the mentoring they need. It entails an investment of time that is critical to the development of thoughtful, successful professionals who are actively and positively engaged in what they do. If you fail to provide serious, thoughtful mentoring, the result will ...

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