Boston Amusement Park and Recreation Accident Lawyers

Boston Recreational Accident & Injury AttorneysThe trial attorneys at Meehan, Boyle, Black & Bogdanow have established a history of large verdicts and settlements for terrible injuries caused by amusement park accidents. Perhaps the best known Boston-area law firm for amusement park accidents, MBBB has earned the respect of the legal community for experience and diligence in investigating and litigating recreational and amusement park cases, including those involving:

  • Dark rides, fast-moving rides, water rides, and spinning rides;
  • Personal watercraft (PWC) such as Jet Ski® and Sea-Doo®;
  • All-terrain vehicles (ATV);
  • Snowmobiles;
  • Motorcycle, bicycle and ATV helmet failure;
  • Unsafe football, baseball and soccer equipment; and
  • SCUBA equipment.

In these cases and others, the attorneys at Meehan, Boyle, Black & Bogdanow obtained fair compensation for the injured victims or for the families of wrongful death victims. In addition to financial compensation, MBBB will often, at a client’s request, achieve settlements that require the responsible parties to change policies and practices to prevent similar accidents in the future.