Boston Defective and Dangerous Product Lawyers

Boston Defective Product Attorneys - Massachusetts Product Liability LawyersWhen a consumer product or a vehicle malfunctions due to poor design, quality or manufacture, the damage can range from the minor to the catastrophic — in the worst cases, wrongful death. While no product liability attorney can bring back a loved one or restore injured victims to perfect health, the attorneys at Meehan, Boyle, Black & Bogdanow have helped thousands of clients pursue compensation and justice for their losses, including cases involving:

  • A defective nail gun that shot through a wall, paralyzing a man in another room;
  • A lock-up of a poorly designed braking system that led to the death of a mother and her four children;
  • Machines at work — such as saws, presses, packaging machines, come-along chain hoists and other tools — with defective safety features that have blinded or caused hand or arm amputations to users;
  • Retractable dog leashes that led to finger amputations;
  • Car jacks that have failed due to flimsy design and caused cars to collapse on their owners;
  • Vehicles with poorly designed or defective restraint systems, seats, seat belts or air bags that do not deploy and have led to catastrophic injuries and deaths; and
  • Tire defects, defective ladders and unsafe snow blowers that caused grievous injury.

When a defective product has caused a wrongful death or serious injury, the attorneys at MBBB not only help the family recover financial compensation for their loss, but also try to effect change so that the same loss is not suffered by another family. They are selective in the cases they take so that they can use their time and resources to build strong cases that will significantly benefit the victims of product-related injuries, and the community at large.