Boston Attorneys for Explosions & Burn Injuries

Burn injury, Fire & Explosion Accident Lawyers in BostonMeehan, Boyle, Black & Bogdanow’s outstanding reputation in explosion cases is built on a solid record of success. The law firm has extensive experience obtaining compensation for catastrophic losses, such as those associated with fires, blasting and explosions. A primary reason for our success is that MBBB has the resources to investigate, negotiate and litigate even the most complex legal cases. MBBB’s trial attorneys have helped clients in a wide range of fire, explosion and blasting cases, including cases involving:

  • A factory explosion that causes loss of life, injuries and property damage in the surrounding community;
  • Equipment failure in defective products causing explosions;
  • Poorly stored combustible materials that cause explosions and/or chemical fires;
  • Out-of-code, improperly placed electrical wiring that causes electrocutions, severe electrical burns or electrical fires;
  • Tire explosions┬áthat caused car and truck accidents;
  • Poorly designed fuel tanks that turn an accident into an inferno;
  • Bucket truck (cherry picker) accidents caused by hazardous grounding; and
  • Tunnel or other excavation blasting accidents that injure or kill people in surrounding areas.

For many victims and their families, financial compensation is important, but so is preventing future accidents. A loved one’s wrongful death or catastrophic injuries can often lead to a change in the policies, procedures or harmful products that caused the accident. With this dual purpose in mind, attorneys at MBBB will work with you to help make the world safer.